This Car Detailing Putty Is a Genius Way to Clean Remotes, Keyboards, and More

Shoppers call the $7 gel “satisfying and fun” to clean with.

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Cleaning Gel for Car, Car Cleaning Kit


It happens with every car purchase: You start out strong by establishing a self-imposed "no eating" rule, and one day you look down to a cup holder filled with enough crumbs to assemble a very foul oversized muffin from. No judgment, of course — that just means regular cleaning of your car's nooks and crannies is a must.

The easiest way to get the crumbs and dust hiding in the hard to reach areas? An auto detailing putty. One like Pulidiki's Cleaning Gel, which is Amazon's top-selling product in the entire automotive category. The putty is designed to clean dusty air vents, messy cupholders, console buttons, and all the other spots that a vacuum can't pick up. Customers who've used it for themselves say how "satisfying and fun it is to clean with."

Cleaning Gel for Car, Car Cleaning Kit


To buy: $7;

But as is the case with any truly great cleaning product, it has more innovative uses than meet the eye. And thanks to the thousands of shoppers who've already discovered it (and given it a perfect rating), we now know the putty can be used around the house for cleaning laptop keyboards, remote controls, and even dusty assembled Lego kits.

As long as the surface of an item is water resistant, the cleaning gel is able to fully stick and get the job done. "So glad I bought this," one reviewer said. "I've been cleaning and repairing 90-year-old windows in my home and it's difficult to get in all the crevices, but with this product I was able to easily get out dust and grime from hard-to-reach places."

Another perk of the multi-tasking product is its eco-friendly focus. Not only is the cleaning gel made with only the addition of lavender for a light fragrance, but it's designed to be reusable, too. After using the gel to clean, you simply put it back in the sealed box it comes in and store in a cool, dry place until you need it again.

Cleaning doesn't need to just be a task — it can be its own type of satisfying "fun." Head to Amazon to get the auto cleaning gel shoppers are using to spruce up all the nooks and crannies inside and outside of their cars.

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