From a steam mop to a squeegee, these are the clever tools cleaning experts swear by.

Maciej Toporowicz, NYC/Getty Images

Skoy Cloth

Trade in your paper towels for the Skoy Cloth —it gives you a streak-free wipedown on any surface. It’s 100% biodegradable and printed with soy ink, and best of all, you can just throw it in the dishwasher to clean it. —Christine Dimmick, founder and CEO of the Good Home Company

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HAAN SI-40 Swivel Head Floor Steamer

Typical floor cleaners leave behind residue, and I don’t like the idea of chemicals ending up on my kids’ skin and pets’ fur. So I use the Haan Steam Mop instead—it cleans beautifully and because it uses the power of steam, it’s toxin-free. —Dimmick

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Bioshield Floor Milk

Bioshield Floor Milk is gentle and works wonders for sprucing up old, worn floors—not just wood, but all kinds of surfaces like tile and linoleum, too. I recommend using it once or month or so as an upkeep product. Instead of leaving a dulling film like many chemical floor polishes, it cleans and provides a natural dirt and water resistant barrier. Your floors will shine and you'll have less scrubbing to do in the long run! —Jacqueline Janus, Owner of Two Chicks and a Broom

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Casabella Microfiber Blind Glove

I’m a huge fan of Casabella’s Microfiber blind glove which picks up dirt and dust quickly and easily. To remove stains in a toilet, I always use a handled pumice stone called the Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover. —Leslie Reichert, Cleaning Expert and Author of The Joy of Green Cleaning

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Better Life Stain and Odor Eliminator

Better Life Stain and Odor Eliminator is my go-to product for removing carpet stains. Just clean up any excess mess, then spray directly onto the area and blot with a damp towel. —Donna Smallin Kuper, Certified Housecleaning Technician, Author, and Blogger at

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Unger Microfiber Window Combi: 2-in-1 Professional Squeegee and Window Scrubber

A microfiber window squeegee is the key to cleaning lots of windows in a hurry. —Becky Rapinchuk, Founder of and Author of Simply Clean

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Endurance Bio Barrier

Most mold and mildew products are highly toxic and/or don’t work, but the Endurance Bio Barrier water-based formulas contain zero VOCs and have been laboratory-tested to inhibit the growth of molds, mildew, and germs on treated surfaces. First, you use Endurance Cleaner Prep to remove existing mold, then you spray Endurance Bio Barrier to prevent future mold by coating and sealing the surface with this formula. —Linda Cobb, creator of Talking Dirty With the Queen of Clean book series

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