The 'Game Changing' Cordless Vacuum Shoppers Say Can Handle Any Mess Is on Sale

It can be used in six different ways thanks to its telescoping handle and attachments.

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with LED Touch Display,

Not every mess requires the same type of cleaning tool, but space in most closets comes at a premium. To solve both problems at the same time, look to gadgets that can perform multiple functions with a few quick changes. This cordless vacuum, for instance, can turn into a handheld vacuum—and it's even on sale right now.

Most upright vacuum cleaners are cumbersome and need to be plugged in during use, but the Prettycare cordless vacuum is lightweight at only 6-pounds and never tethers you to an outlet while you're cleaning. With a telescopic rod, brush head, and two additional attachments, the vacuum can transform into three full-size tools and three handheld tools. It even has a washable HEPA filter that you can simply click away from the machine and empty into the trash whenever it gets full. The best news? Thanks to a clickable on-page coupon, the vacuum currently has a double discount that brings it down to just $120.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with LED Touch Display,

Buy it: $120 with a coupon (was $166);

"We have two cats, a dog, a toddler, and a one-year-old; let me tell you this, there isn't a mess the vacuum wasn't able to handle," said one five-star reviewer.

Similar to other cordless vacuums, the Prettycare model is designed to pick up crumbs, dirt, and pet hair on carpeting and hardwood floors. The two additional nozzle attachments allow you to take care of any messes that accumulate on your stairs, window sills, and upholstery. You can even adjust the telescopic rod to a shorter handheld setting, or rotate it at 90- and 180-degree angles to make your cleanup easier.

The vacuum's motorized brush tool includes swivel LED headlights that highlight any dirt or dust lurking underneath furniture, setting it apart from other models on the market. Plus, you can choose the suction power you need on the LED display and clean for up to 35 minutes without needing to recharge it. The charger can even be mounted to the wall to save space, too.

"The light makes the biggest difference in letting you see every piece of dust and lint on a hard floor," wrote one shopper who titled their review "These vacuums are a dream." They added, "[It] doesn't take up a lot of room, and we just leave it out and handy all the time."

"The adjustable suction power is great and really picks up anything whether on carpet or hardwood," wrote a reviewer who said the cordless style is "game changing" and "so much more convenient" than their old plug-in vacuum.

A vacuum that transforms into multiple tools with a few quick changes is sure to become a cleaning go-to for tough to reach crevices, tracked in dirt, and pesky pet hair—and the best time to buy one is during a sale. So leave your upright vacuum behind, and turn to the Prettycare cordless vacuum while it's nearly $50 off.

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