7 Pretty Tools for Ugly Cleaning Tasks

Keeping the house in order can be a dirty job. Here, seven good-looking tools to help you clean up.


Dustpan + Brush Set

Photo by westelm.com

High style has finally made its way to the utility closet! Tabletop crumbs and small messes are no match for this powder-coated iron dustpan. The poppy red color makes it easy to find and the magnetic handle keeps the wooden broom always at the ready.

To buy: $34 (large), westelm.com.


Natural Bristle Pot Scrubber

Photo by kaufmann-mercantile.com

With sturdy bristles made from desert agave plants and a durable birch wood handle, this scrubber can stand up against the toughest kitchen grime. The multi-colored fibers and curvy handheld design make it a tool you won’t mind leaving out near the sink.

To buy: $20 (small), kaufmann-mercantile.com.


Toilet Plunger

Photo by simplehuman.com

Tackling the toilet bowl is probably the most dreaded cleaning task of all—for good reason. The sleek design of this plunger, though, offers some solace from the nastiness with its discreet shielding base. The handle magnetizes to the cover, allowing you to carry the set without leaving a trail of drips behind.

To buy: $30, simplehuman.com.


Three-Way Duster

Photo by schoolhouseelectric.com

Though we can’t guarantee fewer sneezes, we can say that this goat hair duster will help you reach nearly every nook and cranny. Attach the head at one of three angles and grab hold of the ergonomic beechwood handle to remove the filmy layer of debris. Much prettier than the more industrial-looking plastic and metal options, this handled tool will not be an eyesore.

To buy: $68, schoolhouseelectric.com.


Copper Cloth

Photo by thelaundress.com

Woven metallic fibers offer sparkle in your cleaning arsenal while also giving some serious elbow grease toward eliminating smudges, grime, and rust (!) in your home. Simply wet the cloth and use it on delicate china, chrome sinks, and even porcelain tubs without risk of scratching these surfaces.

To buy: $16, thelaundress.com.


Azure Stitched Broom

Photo by anthropologie.com

You’ve never seen a cooler corn broom than this upscale utilitarian piece. Bright blue stitching stands out against the black cornhusk fibers and holds them together at one end of a poplar wood handle. The best part, its dark color hides any discoloration from swept up dirt.

To buy: $88, anthropologie.com.


Oval Cleaning Pail with Wooden Handle

Photo by williams-sonoma.com

Galvanized steel coated in high gloss paint resists rust, so use this watertight bucket to mix your homemade cleansers or to tote along cleaning products. Big enough to hold your 4 or 5 basic formulas for spot cleaning around the house.

To buy: $50, williams-sonoma.com.