Monica Gellers of the world are obsessed with this on-sale power scrubber kit, which “obliterates” tough stains and grime.

By Jessica Leigh Mattern
Updated June 25, 2019

When it comes to cleaning supplies, Amazon is a mecca of neat and affordable finds from top-rated robot vacuums to $5 washing machine cleaners, and this marked-down scrubber set is the latest to grab our attention.

The 4.6-star cleaning brush kit has been called the “best purchase I’ve ever made” and the “best invention since sliced bread” by shoppers, and it comes with everything you need to transform your average drill into a scrubbing machine that will cut your cleaning time in half. Attach one of the three included brushes to your power tool and you’ll have the perfect gizmo for powering through grime, dirt, stains, and more. And for a limited time, the popular, Prime-eligible brush set is marked down by 20 percent and on sale for under $15.

To buy: $15 (was $19);

The durable and easy-to-use set of brushes has racked up over 2,650 five-star reviews with shoppers raving about their versatility and cleaning power. Users love them for getting rid of soap scum, hard water stains, and more messes—though they can be used on all kinds of surfaces including tile and porcelain.

What’s more, the Drillbrush brand offers six versions with various bristle strengths designed for every kind of cleaning project or surface you may tackle. Use the soft white set for carpet, upholstery, glass, and leather, the medium yellow for bathroom surfaces, the medium green for kitchen countertops and appliances, the medium blue for plastics, pots, and pans, the stiff red for outdoor pieces, siding, and gutters, or the ultra stiff black for grills and furnaces. Pair a brush with your favorite cleaner and you’ll be wowed by how little work you have to do.

“Mixed up a paste with some Comet cleaner and went to work,” one reviewer shared. “These brushes obliterated the mildew on the groutwork in my shower in seconds! Also removed stains in an old bathtub that no amount of hand scrubbing would ever touch. Awesome product.”

“I wish I had purchased this years ago—money well spent,” another chimed in. “It definitely required elbow grease to get rid of the nasty soap scum, but way less than anything else I've ever used.”

The $15 scrubbing set even received a five-star rating from a professional cleaner. “I’m in love with this,” one reviewer wrote. “I manage many apartment properties, so I end up having to clean horrendous filth pods tenants lived in and left me to deal with. I came across this drill attachment set and let me tell you it helped me tremendously. If it wasn’t for this drill attachment, I think my arms would have just fallen off trying to clean it!”

One word to the wise—shoppers say the Drillbrush nylon brushes are so powerful, your cleaning solution may spray as you scrub, so be sure to keep some distance or wear a protective mask and cleaning gloves while you watch ‘em work their magic.