Say hello to the world’s first wipe made of 100 percent plant starch.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated October 24, 2017
Ode to Clean

Prepare yourself: a life-changing cleaning wipe just hit the market, and it’s so safe that you can clean your face with it. The wipes are made by a new brand backed by experts called Ode to Clean, and your tidying up routine is never going to be the same.

The company that makes this genius consumer product, Solugen, was founded in 2016 by CEO Gaurab Chakrabarti, MD, PhD, and CTO Sean Hunt PhD. Dr. Chakrabarti discovered a special enzyme that produced hydrogen peroxide during training at the University of Texas Southwestern. Meanwhile, Dr. Hunt was completing his PhD at MIT, so the two teamed up, and that’s how Solugen was born.

The star ingredient in the wipes is called Bioperoxide, which is made from plant starch. It’s a compound of hydrogen peroxide (which is a non-toxic, powerful cleaning property found in our very own bodies) and gluconic acid, which is found in honey.

Basically, when you use the wipe on any surface (the bathroom counter, your face, kids’ hands), the hydrogen peroxide transforms into its basic components: water and oxygen, so you’re getting the safest clean possible.

They are odorless, so there’s no need to turn on the bathroom fan to air out any harsh chemical smells coming from your wipes anymore. Plus, they’re biodegradable and safe enough to use on babies.

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Currently, you can buy the wipes in packs of four, six, or 12, and they start at $6 a pack (the price decreases as you buy more). You can also get the complete kit for $18, which includes two packs of wipes along with the chic (and airtight) white storage container so you can happily leave them out instead of hiding them under the sink.

There has always been something so satisfying about cleaning up a mess with just the swipe of a wipe, but now you can feel good about the ingredients in it.