The Robot Vacuum That Shoppers Compare to Pricier Models Is 63% Off on Amazon Today

“It literally leaves our floors spotless…we haven’t pulled the big vacuum out since we got this.”

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OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If vacuuming is your least favorite household chore, then you've probably considered investing in a robot vacuum before. They're typically on the pricier side, and you often need to shell out hundreds of dollars to get one that actually works. But luckily, there's an affordable robot vacuum on Amazon that customers say "outperforms" more expensive models.

Normally priced at $300, the OKP Life K2 robot vacuum is currently on sale for just $112—a fraction of the price of comparable vacuums. It's packed with plenty of features that make it stand out, like its four cleaning modes that include a spot-clean setting and an option that focuses on the edges of the room. The brushless design is especially great for pet owners, since there are no bristles that would inevitably get tangled with fur. Reviewers are especially impressed with the vacuum's battery life, which lasts up to 100 minutes. And if it runs out of battery in the middle of a job, it'll automatically go back to its charging base.

But the best part about this robot vacuum is how well it cleans up tough messes—everything from food crumbs to cat litter. "I have a creative 3-year-old that is constantly doing 'art' around the house," one customer wrote. "I would literally spend hours following her around every day to keep the floors clean (I can't live life with dirty floors). Now I just run this twice a day, once at nap time and once in the early a.m. It literally leaves our floors spotless… we haven't pulled the big vacuum out since we got this."

OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To buy: $112;

Many other shoppers compare it to more expensive models, including iRobot Roombas. For starters, they describe OKP's K2 vacuum as quieter and more compact. Plus, they say it doesn't bump into things nearly as often as their Roombas did. Robot vacuums with smart capabilities usually come at an even higher price, but this one is an exception; not only does it work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but it can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. (It also comes with a regular remote.)

"I used to have a Shark robot vacuum—very similar, except it didn't have a phone app and it couldn't talk to Alexa," wrote another shopper. "The Shark also broke after five uses, and the brush bearing kept filling with dog hair. I have none of those issues with this vacuum. I don't mind it's not name brand because it outperforms the name-brand Shark in every way."

If you're ready to make cleaning your floors feel effortless, head to Amazon to get the OKP robot vacuum while it's still 63 percent off. There's no way of knowing how long the sale will last, so we suggest adding one to your cart soon.

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