This Little-Known Robot Vacuum Is One of Amazon's Best Hidden Gems on Prime Day

I bought it instead of a $500 version—and I don't regret my choice.

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OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

As a shopping writer, I'm very strategic with my purchases. I patiently wait to buy a big-ticket item like an Instant Pot, a Ring doorbell system, or a Casper mattress during a sale. And not just any sale—I wait for the best sales with some of the steepest discounts of the year, like Amazon Prime Day. My robot vacuum broke over a year ago, but I held out until June 21 to snag a new one, combing through the deals to find the best options based on price and customer reviews. Which is what led me to buy the OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

This OKP model is a self-charging smart vacuum cleaner with four cleaning modes: spot clean, manual clean, auto clean, and wall follow clean. You can change the cleaning mode or create a cleaning schedule right in the OKP app, with the included remote control, or through an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. It has a lithium battery that lasts for up to 100 minutes, and the vacuum returns to its charging port once it has run out of juice. It's also slim at just 7.5 centimeters high, so it can maneuver under furniture without getting stuck.

OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To buy: $118 with coupon (was $300);

While all of the above is pretty standard for a robot vacuum cleaner, one of the OKP's features that stood out to me was the brushless suction port. My 50-pound husky sheds a lot, and our previous vacuum cleaner was constantly clogged with her hair; the brushless port means I never have to worry about her pet fur (or my hair) tangling up in the machine.

On sale right now for just $118, this robot vacuum is certainly cheaper than some of the other Prime Day options, but that's not what drew me to it (though I love that I saved enough to buy a few more Prime Day deals). I was prepared to spend $400 on a high-end device, but as I began to read through the reviews for better-known-brands, I was discouraged to find some customers reporting that their vacuums broke after a year, were incredibly noisy, or didn't work as well as they had hoped. The OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, however, has tons of positive reviews (over 2,000, to be exact), and customers say it's better than their name-brand versions.

"Ignore the lack of name recognition," writes one reviewer. "Really happy I went with this robot after all was said and done! I used to have a Shark robot vacuum and it broke after five uses and the brush bearing kept filling with dog hair. I have none of those issues with this vacuum. I don't mind it's not a name brand because it outperforms the name-brand Shark in every way."

"Better than an iRobot," says another shopper. "I love that there are settings to change the suction power, that it actually vacuums every inch of a room rather than bouncing from one place in the room to another place, that it picks up everything, that the app and remote are easy to use and navigate, and that it is soo quiet when it is cleaning!"

With my previous robot vacuum, I would still need to spot clean with a manual vacuum sporadically, so I was pleased to see customers say this vacuum leaves their floors "spotless." For an affordable and effective robot vacuum, grab the OKP Life Robot Vacuum Cleaner for just $118 before Prime Day ends on June 22 at midnight PT.

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