This Steam Mop Kills 99% of Bacteria Without Any Chemicals

“I didn’t think it was possible to love a steam mop as much as I love this one.”
By Christie Calucchia
December 03, 2020
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Deep cleaning often involves strong chemicals, but there are other ways to kill bacteria without using any unpronounceable ingredients. One simple option is to take advantage of microfiber cleaning tools. Microfiber cloths can lift microscopic materials, including dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria. They’re also positively charged, which allows them to act like a magnet and grab negatively charged dust.

That’s exactly what makes the O-Cedar microfiber steam mop so effective. Like the brand’s popular wring mop, the steam mop uses a microfiber pad to clean floors safely. The machine-washable pad absorbs dirt, dust, and bacteria while attached to a triangular head that swivels as you move to reach every nook and cranny of your floors.

This cleaning tool also utilizes heat to provide a deep clean. Once plugged in, it takes just 20 seconds to produce a powerful steam you can use to sanitize hard surfaces in your home. Simply adjust how much steam output you need and get to work.

Weighing just five pounds, the mop is lightweight and easy to move around. It even comes with an extra piece that snaps on to make the device safe to use on carpeted areas. Let it glide over carpet with the steam on for a sanitizing refresh. 


To buy: $71;

The steam mop has hundreds of five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers. They love that it’s lightweight, affordable, and produces a continuous steam. 

“I didn’t think it was possible to love a steam mop as much as I love this one,” one customer said. “I was using a microfiber mop and bucket, plus scrubbing on my hands and knees, and I never felt my floors were clean. This thing made them feel so clean, and you could just look and tell the difference!”

A few other shoppers even compared the O-Cedar steam mop to more expensive options.

“I love this mop… [It’s] lightweight, easy to push, and steams up fast,” one reviewer said, adding that their Bissell steam mop was “so heavy and hard to push.”

Another wrote: “I love it. [I’ve] owned many steam mops in the past that cost so much more. This is the best so far!”

If you’re ready to ditch harsh cleaning chemicals or are simply looking for an affordable way to make your floors sparkle, you can order this microfiber steam mop from Amazon for $71.