Ready to ditch the chemicals? Here's why more people are making the switch. 

By Real Simple
Updated March 09, 2018
Real Simple With the Grove
Credit: Grove Collaborative/Kirby Stenger

Potentially toxic chemicals come into our homes through products we use on our skin and hair, as well as the detergents we scrub, swipe, and spritz onto every surface. But while you may already be scrupulously reading the labels of your body wash and face serum, few people think to give the same scrutiny to their household cleaning products.

Natural cleaning products have traditionally had a bad reputation: In the past, they either weren’t as effective as conventional alternatives, or were just too expensive. Fortunately, as formulations have improved and more competitors have entered the market, prices have come down.

Better yet, there's a company that curates the top natural product brands in one place, organizing them by brand or household need so that you find the right product for you and your family, with just a click. Grove Collaborative exclusively carries natural household and personal care products, delivers them right to your door—and even reminds you when you might be running low on a favorite you've ordered previously.

One of the lines Grove carries is our Real Simple Clean natural product line. Our plant-derived, effective formulas avoid harmful chemicals that are bad for you, your family, and the planet. We're excited about these products—and the ways they can help you keep your home clean and your family safe. See if you are, too, by trying our Real Simple-exclusive offer: Grove is offering 3 free full-size Real Simple Clean products and free shipping on your first Grove purchase of $20 or more.

  • Free Real Simple Clean Hand Soap
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Let Real Simple Clean and Grove Collaborative help you keep your home beautiful and organized this year and beyond. Claim your offer here.