Changing your bedding just got a whole lot easier.

By Real Simple
Updated January 30, 2015

Putting on a duvet cover can be clumsy and downright frustrating, but there's one easy trick to change your bedding without the lumps, wrinkles, and struggle. Simply turn the duvet inside out (with the opening at the bottom) and lay your comforter on top of it. Then, roll the two up together towards the open end, like a burrito. When you get to the bottom of the roll, turn the duvet cover inside out and button it up, enclosing the roll. Now, unroll the whole thing towards the top of the bed, and—voila!—your comforter is covered.

Real Simple Executive Editor Sarah Humphreys appeared on the Today show to demonstrate—and, as a bonus, shared a few new uses for cocktail shakers and salad spinners. "This is not even real simple, it's real magical," she says in the clip.

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