It’s time to rethink the traditional mop and broom.

By Alicia Brunker
Updated February 08, 2018

No matter what kind of floors you have in your home, they’re probably covered in bacteria. See, the mop and broom you’ve been using to clean them isn’t getting the job done—and both old school cleaning tools are probably making things even ickier, according to Debra Johnson of Merry Maids.

“Sweeping merely stirs the dust and dirt into the air, eventually making its way back down to the floor again,” she reveals. “On the other hand, when you use a mop, you are constantly dipping the bacteria you’re trying to get rid of back into the bucket, and onto the floor again. Talk about counterproductive!”

A better choice for both weekly deep cleanings and everyday spills? Opt for a flat mop with a microfiber cover, which will emit less moisture that inevitably results (and breeds more bacteria) from a traditional mop. And, when cleaning up dust and pet hair, Johnson recommends ditching the broom for a vacuum.

Trust us, your floors will thank you.