Clean your water bottle, washing machine, and dishwasher—no scrubbing necessary.
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It's a fact of life that a sparkling clean home will require some serious elbow grease. Luckily, the miraculous cleaning tablet is here to cut down on the time we spend scrubbing. More and more companies are developing fizzy cleaning tablets to wash everything from the toilet bowl to our reusable water bottles. These hardworking tablets will break down residue and fight stains, so we don't have to. Here are five cleaning tablets that make our modern cleaning routines a little bit easier.

Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets
Credit: Amazon

1 For Your Water Bottle

If you avoid washing your resuable water bottle because of the effort it will require, invest in these cleaning tablets. Reviewers report that these tablets will remove even stubborn coffee stains.

To buy: From $8,

Washing machine cleaning tablets
Credit: Amazon

2 For Your Washing Machine

Yes, even your washing machine needs to be cleaned every now and then. In fact, these tablets that break down residue inside the machine could be the difference between fresh-smelling bath towels and that dreaded mildew smell.

To buy: $12,

Toilet bowl tablet
Credit: Target

3 For Your Toilet

How do you make cleaning the toilet bowl less gross? Make the process as hands-off as possible. Simply drop one of these tablets into your toilet tank, and it will clean the toilet bowl and fight stains with each flush. 

To buy: $3,

Denture cleaning tablets
Credit: Amazon

4 For Food Storage Containers

Believe it or not, Efferdent tablets can clean much more than just dentures. To clean food storage containers with tough stains, fill the containers with warm water, then drop in a few tablets. The bubbling, fizzing tablets will do the scrubbing for you.

To buy: $9,

Dishwasher cleaning tablets
Credit: Amazon

5 For Your Dishwasher

Are your freshly-washed glasses looking cloudy? These dishwasher-cleaning tablets can help. Each tablet will break down residue and mineral buildup, so dishes will come out cleaner.

To buy: $4,

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