20 Genius Uses for the Magic Eraser

The beloved stain-fighting sponge recently got a makeover, so we're sharing some of our favorite ways to use it.

magic eraser cleaning grease
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The Magic Eraser has dozens of uses: Simply wet it, wipe it, and watch scuff marks, burnt-on grease, marker scribbles, and so much more disappear. We prefer the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable cleaning pads with Durafoam—it's four times stronger than the original version—and here's how we like to clean with it.

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Wipe out Grease Spatter on a Stovetop

magic eraser cleaning grease
Procter & Gamble

"It's the easiest way to eliminate burnt-on grime from my old gas range," says Stephanie Sisco, Home Editor. It also works wonders on flat electric cooktops.

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Erase Hairspray Build-Up From Styling Tools

If you've ever noticed a film on your curling iron or blow dryer, give it a swipe with the dampened eraser.

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Revive a Dirty Computer Keyboard

Unplug it before removing fingerprints and other smudges.

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Combat Dried Dog Drool

Slobbery pets making your walls look speckled? Try this tool to eliminate discoloration.

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Clean Up After Kids Who Color Outside the Lines

"It works beautifully on marker, crayon, and colored pencil markings that inevitably make it onto the walls," says Heather Morgan Shott, Digital Director, RealSimple.com.

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Remove Rust Residue

If you've ever lifted up a bottle of shaving cream from your tub surround to find a ring of rust beneath it, swipe it with the sponge to instantly eliminate it.

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Refresh White Sneakers

After a day in the grass or when scuffs from everyday wear and tear develop, the sponge offers an easy way to revive your shoes in a snap.

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Revive the Microwave and Fridge Interior

When spatters and spills build up in these kitchen workhorses, wipe them up quickly with the sponge.

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Clean Up After a Cooking Session

If you've ever roasted beets or de-seeded a pomegranate, you know the stains they leave behind. This sponge swipes them away along with marks from curry spices and other highly pigmented ingredients.

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Refresh Dingy Grout

If your once-white grout is looking lackluster, bring it back to life with this tool.

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Get Rid of Marks

Remove scuffs from baseboards and walls in a hallway or mudroom after boots, shoes, and bags have left their mark.

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Remove the Hard Stuff

Tackle toothpaste in the sink and on the faucet.

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Eliminate Fingerprints From Cabinetry

If hands leave behind a mark of makeup or gardening debris on your cabinets, this is an easy fix.

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Clean Up a Well-Worn Handbag

Try it in an inconspicuous area first, just to be safe, but the sponge can help remove color transfer from jeans and other marks.

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Refresh Small Appliances

It easily removes burnt-on liquid from your coffee maker's hot plate or roast residue from your slow cooker's handles.

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Revive White Furniture

"We have a white leather couch in my apartment and the Magic Eraser is the only thing that gets it to look really white!" says Editorial Assistant Nora Horvath, You can also use it on light-colored laminate surfaces.

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Get Title Super Clean

Wipe away soap scum on tile walls.

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Prevent Scuffs From Shifting Artwork

If your walls seem to mark up easily when a frame shifts along the surface, try attaching a small piece of the Magic Eraser as a "bumper" between your wall and the frame (no more marks!).

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Remove Permanent Marker From a Desktop

If you've ever written in permanent ink only to discover that it bled onto the surface below, have no fear: This sponge should do the trick.

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Eliminate Sticky Residue

If you're trying to clean off the remnants of a label from a jar, try this sponge to tackle the hardest-to-remove glue.

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