This $10 laundry product should be a staple in every home.

When you’re late for work, but the dress you planned to wear is a wrinkled mess, waiting for the iron to heat up can really, well, put a wrinkle in your plans. Real Simple former deputy editor Brigitt Earley says this handy spray will save you those extra minutes. Simply spritz and smooth to get your garment ready to wear. To buy: $10;

I’ll be 30 years old in just a few short weeks, but I didn’t own an iron until two years ago when my grandmother gave me one as an engagement gift. It was, apparently, a sort of gag gift because I refused to let her iron my clothes at the tender age of five. But, as they say, some things never change.

Though I am now the proud owner of an iron, I’m still not ironing my clothes. No, not because I like to rock wrinkles. But, because somewhere along the way I discovered a miracle product: Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

The little spray bottle, which comes in both full and travel sizes, is a busy (lazy?) person’s dream come true. You simply spritz it onto your garment, tug and smooth, and put it on. As an added bonus, the spray has a fresh scent that revives dull-smelling garments and, let’s be honest, buys you some time between dry cleans. (Yes, it works on dry clean-only items!)

I’ve used it on everything from plain old T-shirts and cotton dresses to silk blouses and fancier dresses. The trusty spray never fails me.

Before the days of Amazon, it was a little tricky to find the stuff. I only ever saw it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Now that my Prime account will send a new bottle to me at lightening speed, availability isn’t much of a problem. But I will tell you a trick that’ll save you a little bit of money: When the bottle only has about one-quarter of its contents left, fill it halfway with water. You’ll get a few more months’ worth.

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As for my iron? Thank you, Grandma. It has been very useful for all of my craft projects.