Keep your workout clothes, go-to leggings, and favorite athleisure-wear in tip-top shape by avoiding these common mistakes.

By Lauren Phillips
February 07, 2019

You know how to do laundry; you might even dare call yourself a laundry novice, even if you’re not quite ready to go pro-level. But even the most seasoned laundry-doer may stumble into top laundry mistakes or struggle to decipher some laundry symbols, and any well-meaning clothes-washer may accidentally apply old laundry rules to new fabrics, like those of high-end workout clothes or the super-soft leggings you love to wear all weekend long.

Most workout clothes today are made with synthetics, a relatively new fabric, and properly cleaning new fabrics means following some new laundry rules. Sticking to old laundry rules for new fabrics can even damage them or shorten their lifespans, according to experts at HEX, a hypoallergenic laundry detergent designed to properly clean synthetics and other fabrics. (You can always stick to the old rules with your 100 percent cotton sheets and silk blouses.)

The expert laundry-doers at HEX shared laundry mistakes many people make with their synthetic workout clothes and fabrics—plus ways to fix them, to make sure those leggings will outlast your current Pilates fixation (and maybe even your next favorite workout).

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