This New High-Tech Closet Can Steam and Sanitize Your Clothes, So You Can Skip the Dry Cleaner

Welcome to the future of clothing care.

Remember the days when a spacious, walk-in closet was the ultimate closet aspiration? (That is, until the clothes-folding robot was invented.) Well, now Samsung's latest innovation, the AirDresser, is inspiring us to once again dream a little bigger. The AirDresser is a high-tech closet that steams your clothing to remove light wrinkles, eliminates stubborn odors, and even sanitizes your clothing so you know they're truly clean. Plus, the sanitize cycle uses high-temperature steam to clean not only clothing, but also bedding, outerwear, and soft toys. Our dream closet just got a serious upgrade.

Samsung AirDresser closet

How exactly does the AirDresser work? The good news is you don't need a separate water line or even professional installation to get started. Just plug it into a standard 120V outlet and fill up the water reservoir. Then, choose from 22 different cycles, including a quick refresh for your clothing and a sanitization cycle for your kids' stuffed animals. And of course an appliance this smart can be controlled remotely—use the SmartThings app to cue a sanitization cycle without even getting up off the sofa.

As one reviewer notes, if you typically dry clean a lot of your clothing, the AirDresser could be a worthwhile investment. Currently priced at $1,046 (originally $1,499), the appliance is expensive, but if you add up all the dry-cleaning bills you'll be skipping, it could be well worth it. During the pandemic, as many of us try to cut back on trips outside the house, the AirDresser could help you cross one errand off of your do-to list.

Instead of trekking to the dry cleaner, let the AirDresser steam-clean delicate garments for you. It also eliminates 99 percent of odors, thanks to a built-in deodorizing filter that can deal with even lingering smells from smoke, sweat, and food. And for those who are huge fans of that fresh-from-the-dryer smell: you can insert your favorite dryer sheet into the Fresh Finish compartment so each piece of clothing will have that just-washed scent.

High tech closet with suit inside

To buy: $1,049,

Measuring six feet tall and 18 inches wide (and weighing 200 pounds!), the AirDresser does require some serious real estate in your home. But for those who have a walk-in closet or a laundry room, this will be a clothing care game changer.

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