Say hello to the latest game-changer for your laundry arsenal.

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Love Home and Planet Re-Wear Clothing Dry Wash Spray
Credit: Walmart

We’ve all experienced what seems to be an endless mound of clothes piled high on a chair because they aren’t yet ready to be washed—you know, those ones that may just have a few more wears in them? And if you’ve ever held off on washing a piece of clothing to preserve its quality of softness, we’ve been there, too. So imagine having something so simple and easy-to-use to refresh your wardrobe staples, like how dry shampoo works on your hair—something that keeps you looking fresh all day long.

Behold my new favorite household product, here to finally offer a solution to the above scenarios and so many more laundry woes. It’s Love Home and Planet’s Re-Wear Dry Wash spray that works exactly like it sounds. If you aren’t familiar with this home brand (and its sister beauty line Love Beauty & Planet), the company strives to offer products that are not only safe and effective for the people using them, but also don’t cause extra harm to the planet. All of its home products are plant-based, vegan, and made without phosphates, dyes, added alcohol, parabens, or optical brighteners. Even the majority of the brand’s packaging is made from recycled plastic with more improvements in its caps, pumps, and pouches coming soon. Basically the company’s mission is simple: The brand believes that small acts of love for the planet can still make a difference.

If this spray doesn’t already make you feel great for using it, it’s also been the laundry lifesaver that I never knew I needed, and now I can’t live without it. Trust me, I’ve tried plenty of hacks to avoid over-washing my clothes—everything from air-drying to using gentler detergents—but this dry wash is a game-changer.

It’s not your typical Febreze, either. The spray’s stiffening molecules work to keep your clothes looking freshly pressed all day long, and the anti-odor technology immediately blocks out any pesky smells. Plus, since it comes in a hairspray-like bottle rather than a typical spray bottle, there’s a more continuous misting stream so that you can target certain areas of clothing easier.

Not only are you saving some time out of your busy schedule, but you’re saying yes to using less water. The dry wash helps cut down on the loads of laundry you need to do and therefore your water use and waste. And you can feel good about using the bottle too—it’s made with compressed air instead of gas propellants, so there’s no carbon being released.

Available at Walmart in two amazingly fresh scents (made from ethically sourced essential oils), this $7 spray is the dry shampoo your clothes never knew they needed. Simply lay clothing flat, spray evenly across, hang for about 15 minutes for the spray to work its magic, and never fret about accidentally leaving something out of the wash again!

Love Home and Planet Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray

Love Home and Planet Dry Wash Spray at Walmart
Credit: Walmart

To buy: $7 in lavender and argan oil; $7 in rose petal and murumuru;