One shopper says it’s so easy to use, she can do her laundry while making breakfast.

By Christina Butan
Updated March 17, 2020
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With many of us stuck indoors for the foreseeable future as we practice social distancing, certain tasks we’d normally venture out to do, like getting a manicure or grabbing an iced coffee, are limited to the walls of our home. A few things on our daily to-do lists are amenable to this new housebound lifestyle, some errands might need a little creative guidance—like doing laundry.

If you don’t have a laundry machine in your home or building, you might be asking how you’ll wash your clothes while social distancing. The answer? A portable laundry pod.

The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash is currently Amazon’s best-selling clothes washing machine. The manual laundry tool with over 900 positive reviews can wash your clothes in less than two minutes. Simply place up to five pounds of laundry inside, fill it with water, add laundry detergent, and use the hand crank to spin the basket. The pod features a drain spout for water and a snap-on lid. (Several shoppers are purchasing it right now, so it might go out of stock soon, but don’t fret: There are a few other options, including the Wonderwash in a mint green color and the Laundry Pod.)

Alternative Wonderwash Portable Compact Mini Split

To buy: $55;; $53;; $70;

Shoppers say the Wonderwash effectively cleans their clothes and actually saves them time. One shopper detailed how they’ve worked it into their morning routine:

I’ve had the Wonderwash for about a week now and I’ve done laundry every other day. It’s so quick and easy that I start it while waiting for my coffee to brew, let it drain while I make breakfast, do a rinse run while my eggs finish cooking, plate up my food while it drains, rinse one more time, and eat my meal while it drains the final time… This machine has successfully washed scrubs, delicates, jeans, workout clothes, towels, sheets, and tonight I ran my tennis shoes through it! The absolute success of it, across the board, has me writing this review while it drains.”

If you’re changing your patterns due to social distancing, you may want to consider investing in the Laundry Alternative Wonderwash or the Laundry Pod.