Because nothing beats a fresh, fluffy towel or duvet.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated August 23, 2017
Alice Gao

Movies, makeup, and food all have subscription services, but it seems home items have been left in the dust—until now. Enter Coyuchi For Life, a subscription service that delivers premium organic towels, sheets, or duvets right to your doorstep every six, 12, or 24 months (depending on your selection), so you can have the peace of mind that your textiles are fresh. Plus, the company will even responsibly recycle or renew your old linens. Simply send them back in the same box you received your new shipment in. (The company says 10 million tons of textile ends up in landfills each year—and they hope to stop that.) Here’s to the luxury of new linens minus the landfill.

Coyuchi offers three different types of affordable monthly subscriptions: towels start at $5 per month and sheets and duvets start at $7. The towel set includes six pieces: two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Every item comes in two styles and multiple colorways, so if you want to switch up your selection with every cycle, you can mix up the options as you please.

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And if you’re not ready to commit to the subscription service just yet, you can simply purchase the items individually (but you’ll save 15% by subscribing) on the Coyuchi site. Either way, you’re getting top-quality towels and Fair Trade Certified Cotton for a fraction of the cost and with minimal effort.

Bath time and bed time just got a lot cozier, cleaner, and safer for the environment.