The experts tackle your baffling laundry scenarios.

By Nicole Sforza
Updated January 15, 2015
Tetra Images/Getty Images

Q. Any way to get Krazy Glue off a shirt? We’ve tried just about everything. —T.C. Fuller

A: WD-40 to the rescue! This lubricant, normally used on creaky doors and rusty bike chains, dissolves all adhesives. Place the shirt, stain-side down, on a stack of paper towels. Spray with WD-40, and let sit for 5 minutes. Turn the shirt over, spray again, and remove the residue with a clean cloth. Rinse well, then machine wash.

Q. We get horrible static on our clothes. How can I make it go away? —Lindsey Plessinger

A: Liquid fabric softener is your best bet. It adds a static-resistant chemical to fabric fibers, coating them completely, unlike dryer sheets. If your clothes are sticking to you while you're wearing them, just run the long side of a wire hanger between your clothing and your body and then over your clothes.

Q. How can I get rid of that funky smell that workout gear develops no matter how you wash it—or how quickly you wash it—after wearing? —Lisa Gentile

A: To curb the stench of synthetic gym clothes, rinse them immediately in the locker room, then wring out the excess water and place them in a plastic bag. As soon as you get home, machine wash with a detergent formulated for synthetics (like Win; in the hottest water that the material can handle. (Check the label.) Still smelly? Consider switching to cotton blends, which release odors better than synthetics do.