Here’s the right way to line-dry clothing (indoors or outside) so they’ll stay soft and smell fresh.

By Nicole Sforza
Updated April 09, 2018

Yes, some folks do. (Although there are also communities that actually ban clotheslines.) The benefits of hanging laundry? Less wear and tear (all that lint in the dryer trap is tiny particles of clothing), along with fresh-smelling items, energy reduction, and the natural bleaching of the sun. Here, three tips for working the line.

1. Hang clothes upside down to reduce stretching in key spots, like the shoulders.

2. Turn colored clothes inside out and place out of direct sunlight to minimize fading.

3. To avoid that crinkly, stiff feel, add ¼ cup white vinegar to the wash cycle; the acidity eliminates soap residue. If you’re using a drying rack indoors, blow a fan on it to mimic a breeze. In winter this works like a humidifier!