Our Testing Team Named This Handheld Steamer the 'Best Portable' Model—and It's on Sale for $30

With over 52,500 perfect ratings on Amazon, shoppers clearly love it, too.

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If you're trying to complete your laundry in a hurry, you likely try to avoid adding any extra steps to your routine. But sometimes clothes emerge from the dryer looking a little too wrinkled for wear. Using an iron—and lugging out the ironing board—isn't the only option. Thankfully, a steamer works just as well to get your clothes back to a crisp state—and this best-selling option is portable and on-sale for only $30.

The Hilife handheld steamer has over 52,500 five-star ratings and nearly 10,000 positive reviews, and it's the top-selling option in Amazon's Travel Garment Steamers category. So, when our testing team put some of the most popular steamers to work, they made sure to see if this particular model was worth the hype. And we're happy to report that it is: The Hilife steamer made our list, snagging the "Best Portable Steamer" title.

The lightweight steamer weighs just 1.7 pounds when it's empty, which makes it easy to tote around. But its small size belies its capacity; the steamer's see-through water tank that holds just over one cup of water, which is larger than other similar models. Plus, it has an easy-to-use single steam setting, comes apart and assembles in less than a minute, and can heat up in just 130 seconds, per our testing. Better yet, shoppers can't stop raving about it.

Hilife Steamer

To buy: $30 (was $39); amazon.com

"This steamer is small and compact but packs a punch for getting out wrinkles. It takes no time at all and is super easy to use," shared a five-star reviewer. "I wish I would have purchased one of these a LONG time ago," wrote another shopper who called it a "total game changer!"

Because of the steamer's portable design, you might not think it's very powerful. But the 700-watt model can continuously steam for up to 15 minutes. Our tester found that it only took about three passes for the wrinkles on the linen napkin they used to release, so you can steam quite a few garments before you'll need to refill the tank. Plus, you don't have to worry about how close you are to an outlet while you're working: The gadget's power cord is 9 feet long.

"The steamer puts out a great amount of steam and has a sturdy plug-in cord that's long enough to allow you to do your garments," added a shopper who said they "love the comfort of the handle." They said they felt that the steamer is too large to take on trips but is "perfect" to use at home, but it's worth noting that our testing team shared that the Hilife model is easy to take apart to fit in a suitcase—and for easy storage.

Keep in mind, our tester did say the steamer has a few drawbacks. First, the steamer must remain upright while it's in use. Also, you may want to make sure you steam clothing with a few minutes to spare before you need to put your pieces on. The process leaves things a little damp, meaning clothes will require a few moments to air dry afterward. Regardless, the team still recommends the model, and the tester highlighted its "quality construction."

Irons and ironing boards are clunky, and using them is time consuming. So, save time and keep your clothes wrinkle-free with the shopper-favorite and tester-approved Hilife handheld steamer, and get it while it's on sale for just $30.

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