A $6 Non-Toxic Stain Remover Saved My Favorite White Sweater

It's the hardest working product in my laundry arsenal.

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Stain Remover Spray
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Whether it's a white T-shirt, a wool upholstered couch, or a pair of sneakers, white textiles are daunting. There's just so much potential for messes and stains. I've stained a white blanket, simply from my ink-tinted fingers after reading a newspaper. And because I'm prone to spilling and frequently wear makeup, I have avoided white clothing for most of my life.

Recently, however, I decided that my favorite Jean-Seabourg-in-Breathless sweater wasn't meant to be relegated to an annual outing. I began wearing it and made it through several occasions without incident. On a rushed day, however, I took the sweater off overhead right after applying foundation, immediately streaking it with pigment. Thankfully, I am a Grove subscriber and had an unopened bottle of the Grove Stain Remover on hand—and it really worked.

Stain Remover Spray

To buy: $6; grove.co

I followed the instructions—I sprayed the stained area (the entire collar) heavily until it was soaked. The next step was to let it sit for five minutes, but nervous about the state of my sweater, I let it soak for a few hours. I put it into the washer on a delicate, cold water cycle with no other soap or detergent. When the wash cycle was finished, I was stunned, as there was absolutely no trace of the heavy brown foundation that had covered the mockneck half an hour ago.

Not to be dramatic, but the discovery of a working stain remover has changed my style. I famously stick to black clothing, which is part preference, but is also because of the fear of ruining prized garments. Now, the light pinks and whites that sat untouched in my closet have made their way out into the world. A concealer thumbprint or mystery stain from the subway doesn't send me into a tailspin of another beloved garment wasted. I'm not alone in marveling at how well this spray actually works, either. A repeat-buyer shared, "My fiancé and I work in a restaurant kitchen. We get covered in food and grease. Our cutting gloves and heat protection gloves are white, but don't stay that way. I soaked ours in the spray, let it sit, then washed them, and they look almost brand new." And that's a big endorsement coming from someone who deals with kitchen stains.

I am wary of the traditional detergents and laundry products since my skin is sensitive and tends to break out from the overly scented and stringent products. The Grove Stain Remover originally made its way into my home because it's plant-derived and non-toxic. The price point is also beautiful, so I could use the entire bottle on one stain, and be fine. Best of all, the spray salvaged a difficult-to-remove stain from a favorite sweater. You really can't beat that. Do yourself and your wardrobe a favor: Get your own miracle stain remover at Grove for only $6.

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