When it comes to choosing which type of laundry pair to purchase, "front load or top load" is a commonly asked question. Read below for a full list of the benefits of Electrolux front load laundry.
Electrolux S60LT Front Load Washer display
Credit: electroluxappliances.com

1. Better Cleaning:
Electrolux’s front load washers lead in thorough cleaning thanks to state-of-the-art wash technology that includes varied wash motions and bottom-vent steam options to deliver a perfect clean in just 15 minutes.

2. Gentler Handling:
Compared to traditional top loaders, Electrolux front load washers and dryers have gentler tumbling actions that help keep your clothes looking like new.

3. Consistent Water Temperature:
Unlike top load washers, the Electrolux front load washers have in-appliance heaters which ensure accurate washing temperatures at all times.

4. Effective Detergent Usage:
The Electrolux front load washer mixes water and detergent earlier in the cycle for perfect results with less water usage. A second rinse cycle removes any remaining detergent for fresher clothes and protection for sensitive skin.

5. Energy Efficiency:
The Electrolux front load washer requires 19 gallons less water per load than traditional top load appliances. Plus, they’re recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® in 2013.

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