What will you do with all your free time?

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 07, 2016

What if you could outsource the seemingly endless, monotonous hours you spend folding laundry? Now there might just be a robot to the rescue: FoldiMate, which neatly folds your clothes for you—for a (steep) price. Here’s how it works: you attach your clothes to outside clips (you can clip 15-20 items at a time depending on size), and then the machine will fold, with an optional setting to steam, add perfume, soften, and sanitize. The FoldiMate promises to help you finish your laundry two times faster than if you were to fold your clothes on your own and to fold just about anything, except for small items like underwear or large items like sheets. Plus, it’s compact, too, with dimensions of 28”x32”x31”.

There area few catches, though—for starters the robot won’t be available until 2018, but the manufacturer will start accepting pre-orders in 2017. Interested buyers can register on the site to be notified when pre-orders start. And the machine won’t come cheap: it’s expected to retail for about $700-850.

Take a look at the video below for more information:

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