Strategies to help ease your pressing issues.
Iron, ironing board, and clothing
Credit: Christopher Coppola

1. Untangle items before throwing them in the dryer. Doing so will help unkink clothing and speed up with drying process, since there will be a more uniform rotation of clothes, says Elizabeth P. Easter, director of the Textile Testing Lab at the University of Kentucky in Louisville.

2. Don't overstuff the dryer. Follow dryer capacity guidelines.

3. Put anything that looks wrinkled back in the dryer. Throw the items in with a damp cloth for a few minutes. That should straighten them out fast.

4. Dry your clothes on a low temperature. Remove them from the machine while they're still slightly damp. If you hang them up, they should dry with fewer wrinkles.

5. Alternate how you fold certain garments so they don't end up with permanent creases. This is especially true with thin sweaters, says reader Dawn Greco of Roseville, California.