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Sitcoms Have Convinced Me That I Need This Clever Laundry Accessory

When the pandemic is over, I’m going shopping at Cloud 9.
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I need a new show to watch. My latest sitcom binge is NBC's Superstore, a workplace comedy set in a fictional big-box retailer whose series finale airs tonight, and my favorite thing about it is all the stuff you see in every shot. Most scenes take place in the store itself, with dialogue set against shelves stocked with real items—like every Tostitos chip you could imagine or Beats headphones—and sometimes props, like Cloud 9-branded pressure cookers

You can't blame me for getting distracted from what's actually happening in the plot—it's been a while since I casually browsed for things I don't need, so binge-watching the show is like window-shopping. However, Cloud 9 employees have driven me to add something to my IRL (virtual) cart that isn't available on their shelves.

Superstore is not the first time I've seen a shirt folding board on TV, but its repeated use sticks out to me. Employees casually use it in the clothing department, folding perfectly crisp, display-worthy tees without a second thought, leaving them free to move that episode's storyline forward. I don't work in retail or on TV, but I certainly do a lot of laundry—nearly as much as I watch sitcoms these days.

To buy: $24 (was $26),

The shirt folding board that Jonah and Amy use is probably a proprietary Cloud 9 device, but it looks really similar to this one on Amazon that thousands of people have rated five stars. It promises to fold your shirt in three seconds flat with three moves so simple, a child could do them. It has handles that are easy to grasp during folding and can be hung on the wall when not in use. And because shirts are folded to a uniform size—9.44 inches by 11.42 inches—they're easier to organize in dresser drawers.

"I finally bought this one and I love it," said a customer who was wary of flimsier shirt folding boards they'd previously seen online. "My dresser drawers and closet shelves have never been so tidy before. And it's so much easier to find what I'm looking for."

Another Amazon shopper mentioned the show where I had first seen such a device: "I saw Sheldon Cooper use one of these folding boards on an episode of the Big Bang Theory and wondered if they existed. He seemed to fold his T-shirts with great ease and so neatly… I thought it was a neat device and I was delighted to find it here on Amazon."

To buy: $24 (was $26),