Her kids even helped pick out the products' scents.

By Katie Holdefehr
January 14, 2021
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Credit: Honest

Jessica Alba's Honest Company was already a go-to destination for paraben-free beauty products and adorable baby essentials—and with the launch of the new Conscious Cleaning collection, we can now add cleaning products to that list. Following the company's launch of disinfecting spray and wipes this summer, it's adding to the cleaning category with sprays that can be used all over the house. We tested out the new collection for ourselves—let's just say we're impressed—and chatted with Alba to learn about the process behind the products.

Credit: Honest

Clean Vibes Kit, $40, honest.com.

In an effort to reduce the amount of single-use plastic thrown away each year, the Clean Vibes Kit comes with three reusable spray-top bottles along with cleaning concentrates for the Bathroom, Glass, and Multi-Surface cleaning. The lightweight concentrate pods cut down on the amount of water shipped around the country and lower the carbon footprint of the products.

To mix up each cleaning spray, simply drop the dissolvable concentrate pod in the bottle, fill with water, wait one minute, shake, and spray. I have to admit, when I got the products, I was so excited to try them out, I skipped the instructions (oops!) and cut the concentrate packet open with scissors, which is completely unnecessary. By using dissolvable wrappers, the company is eliminating another layer of plastic while making the process as simple as possible (so put down those scissors!).

When I started spritzing my kitchen counter with the multi-surface spray, it quickly tackled coffee stains and some raspberry jam residue. And when I tested out the glass cleaner on my kitchen window, I was truly impressed. Oftentimes, eco-friendly glass cleaners tend to leave streaks and residue—not this one. It cleared away smudges on both my kitchen window and bathroom mirror, then wiped away completely for a streak-free finish.

As I cleaned, I was happy to find that the Pomelo Scent, a mix of citrus, mint, and sweet notes, is very subtle and doesn't linger long in the air. Chatting with Alba, it turns out we have her kids to thank for that. "My kids have really strong opinions about scent and helped me create the scents," she says. There were lots of rejected options before finding the winning aroma. "They were like, 'No thank you, Mommy!'" she laughs, remembering the failed product trials along the way. The light citrus scent is kid-tested and grownup-approved.

Who knows, they may even convince your kids to help out with the cleaning, as Alba reports hers have during the pandemic. "The kids learned how to do their own laundry. They've taken steps to be more proactive and independent," she says. Cleaning has also been an important part of Alba's copying strategy over the past year. After a stressful holiday season, Alba says she's channeling the energy into those gross-yet-oddly-satisfying cleaning tasks. Her favorites? Scrubbing every crevice of the floor and cleaning all the gunk that collects around the faucet. Be right back, we're going to go direct our stress into scrubbing our kitchen faucets.