iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity

Amazon Shoppers Say Cleaning Has 'Never Been Easier' Than With This Roomba-and It's on Sale

The Roomba 694 even comes with extra accessories in a bundle.
By Nina Huang
May 24, 2021
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If your floors or carpets are covered in a thin veil of dust and pollen right now, you're not alone. End of spring and early summer are high times for allergies, so it's crucial to clean your floors often to avoid living in a sneeze-zone. That's where a robot vacuum will make things so much simpler. After all, why kneel over and scrub your elbows out when you can just press a button for a robot vacuum to do all the hard work for you?

Of course, picking a robot vacuum can be overwhelming considering the tens of thousands of options available on the market, but based on rankings alone, iRobot's Roomba 694 model is a must-buy as the best-selling robot vacuum on Amazon. To make your decision easier, it's currently on sale, both individually and as part of a bundle that comes with extra accessories.

To buy: $280 (was $319);

As one of iRobot's more affordable Roombas, the 694 is a great entry-level vacuum for those who want all the necessary functions of a robot vacuum along with other helpful bells and whistles. Once you've set it up and run it a few times, the Roomba learns your cleaning habits and will suggest the optimal time for it to clean your floors. It'll even perform extra cleaning during allergy season and use iRobot's patented Dirt Detect Technology to find high-traffic zones in your home for a deeper scrub.

Capable of running for 90 minutes when fully charged, the Roomba 694 is ideal for multi-room homes-even those with stairs. The Roomba uses Cliff Detect technology to avoid tumbling down steps. Plus, its edge brush will give room corners a good sweep, and the robot's cleaning head will automatically adapt its height when encountering carpets or rugs. And if you have an area with tons of wires or fragile decor, you can grab iRobot's barrier in the sale bundle with the 694 to set up no-go zones.

One shopper who has had multiple robot vacuums says the Roomba 694 "stood out." "Yes, it mapped my rooms. Yes, it recharged itself. But it also sensed obstacles in real time, so I didn't have to clean up the room before the vacuum cleaned the room," wrote the reviewer. "It ran a full 90 minutes, so a huge area was cleaned before it had to recharge. I could turn it on before company is coming, and the whole chore will be done in one go."

Another even said that "cleaning has never been easier" than with the Roomba 694, and raved about how smart it is on carpeted floors. "It just glides over them without getting caught," said the reviewer. "This was one of the things I was skeptical about, however it works like a dream. I do have a very thick, shaggy throw rug upstairs that is the only one that it will not go on, but again… not a big deal as it can very easily clean every other area of my house."

The Roomba 694 can even connect to your smart home devices like a Google Home or Amazon Alexa speaker, and you can simply tell your voice assistant to start your robot. With this feature, cleaning has truly never been so hassle-free-shop the Roomba 694 alone or in the bundle below, while it's still on sale.

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