BORDSTAD arrives right on schedule for spring cleaning. 

By Katie Holdefehr
January 16, 2020

This February, IKEA is launching a collection of cleaning tools and products, right on time for our spring cleaning routines. Inspired by time-tested cleaning methods, BORDSTAD features natural products with rustic charm. While the limited-edition collection may not last long, these are items you'll want to keep for years. Made from natural materials, these woven storage baskets, cedar blocks for your closet, and canvas wall organizers all look better and last longer than a closet full of plastic cleaning supplies. Here's a sneak peek at a few of our favorites from the upcoming BORDSTAD collection, which hits IKEA stores and in February. 

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BORSTAD Hanging Organizer

We foresee this hanging canvas organizer tidying up every room in our homes, from holding cleaning tools in a supply closet, to stashing kids' toys in a playroom, to storing gardening tools in the shed. 

To buy: $13,


BORSTAD Basket with Handles

The new collection features several beautiful woven baskets, including a fabric-lined laundry basket. All priced under $30, these affordable baskets are bound to appear in beach houses, farmhouse-style homes, and rustic abodes across the country. 

To buy: From $25,


BORSTAD Clothes Brush

Ditch the wasteful lint roller and its disposable sticky sheets in favor of this durable clothes brush. 

To buy: $5,


BORSTAD Carpet Beater

Inspired by "old, not outdated" cleaning supplies, the BORSTAD collection aims to bring back this old-school carpet cleaning tool. This spring, skip the weekly vacuuming routine for your area rugs and take your cleaning routine outdoors. 

To buy: $6,