4 Low-Effort Ways to Keep Your Shower Cleaner

Keep those grout lines sparkling—no elbow grease necessary.

How to Keep Your Shower Cleaner
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We probably all wish our shower was a little cleaner, but carefully scrubbing grout lines with a toothbrush is no one's idea of a good time. The solution: start incorporating low-effort mini cleaning moves into your daily shower routine. Instead of procrastinating until your shower stall is a mess of mildew you shudder at the thought of scouring, make these easy cleaning tips a natural part of your morning ritual. Trust us: a few spritzes of cleaning spray and some swipes with a squeegee now will save you from hours of scrubbing later on.

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Reach for This Stylish Squeegee

White and bamboo shower squeegee

If you want to keep the mildew and grout grime at bay, your best bet is to squeegee the walls and glass doors after every single shower. Mildew thrives in a damp environment, so wicking water off the walls will help prevent its spread. Instead of spending hours scrubbing grime and water deposits later, devote 30 seconds to squeegeeing after each shower.

Plus, this minimalist squeegee with a bamboo handle makes this daily task feel like less of a chore.

To buy: $10, amazon.com.

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Spritz on a Daily Cleaning Spray

Shower cleaner in eucalyptus

After each shower, spray this eucalyptus-scented cleanser onto the walls—and that's it. No scrubbing necessary, the solution will dissolve soap scum. Pair the squeegee above with this magic shower spray and you'll be able to avoid the dreaded deep-clean for months.

To buy: $3, amazon.com.

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Erase Away the Grime

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Earlier this year, I discovered the secret to a cleaner shower curtain: the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. In mere minutes, this scrubber removes months worth of mildew with the least amount of effort possible. If you can't toss your shower curtain liner into the washing machine, don't worry, this is the answer.

To buy: $8 for 4, amazon.com.

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Stop the Soap Scum and Mineral Deposits

Rain X Water Repellent

If you live in an area with hard water, you're no stranger to mineral deposits on your glass shower doors. To prevent the buildup from forming in the first place, try this trick from our home director Stephanie Sisco, and apply a squirt of Rain-X Original Glass Treatment to the door every three months to repel water in the first place.

To buy: $8, amazon.com.

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