How to clean more efficiently. 

By Stephanie Sisco
Updated January 22, 2016

It worked as a karate move, but the Mr. Miyagi “wax on, wax off” method isn’t ideal when it comes to cleaning mirrors. That’s because the circular motion actually re-deposits dust and debris from your cloth back onto the surface, leaving streaks. For the cleanest results, wipe in a tight S-pattern from top to bottom and swap out your rag or paper towels (they’re linty) for a thin microfiber cloth. Spray glass cleaner or water on the cloth, not on the mirror directly—otherwise liquid can seep behind the silver coating and create black tarnish marks.

And while you’re at it, fix a few other mistakes you might be making while cleaning the rest of the bathroom. First, quit scrubbing soap scum from glass shower doors week after week. Instead, apply a coat of Rain-X Original Glass Treatment every 3 months to repel water spots and prevent buildup.

Next, be sure to hang damp towels with plenty of room to dry out. If hung one on top of each other on a hook, they are more likely to breed mildew and bacteria that will cause them to smell.

Lastly, stop putting the toilet bowl brush back in its holder immediately after using it. Moisture breeds bacteria, so rather than letting the wet brush sit in a puddle of germy water, allow it to drip dry for 10 minutes before replacing it. Simply sandwich the handle between the (clean) toilet seat and lid to keep it suspended above the bowl.