Yes, even under appliances and behind the toilet.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated April 05, 2019
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How to Clean Hard to Reach Places
Credit: Amazon

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes half the battle is simply reaching the place you're trying to dust, scrub, or disinfect. The tops of kitchen cabinets and under the bed are notoriously difficult spots to clean, but there are also plenty of places you're likely forgetting to dust: think, window blinds and behind the toilet. To help make your cleaning routine easier (and avoid hurting your back when trying to dust the crown molding), here are six smart tricks and clever cleaning tools designed to clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas in your house. Get ready to experience the satisfaction of finally dusting that ceiling fan you've been neglecting for months.

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How to Clean Keyboard Crevices, green cleaning putty
Credit: Container Store

1 How to Clean Keyboard Crevices

If you tend to eat at your computer, then you're probably very familiar with crumbs crunching with each tap on the keyboard. To dislodge the crumbs from those hard-to-reach crevices, start by turning the laptop off and gently turning it upside down over a garbage can. Then, use a can of compressed air to remove stuck crumbs, dust, and debris. For quick cleanups, try this tech-cleaning putty that molds around the keys to trap crumbs. 

To buy: $5,

How to Clean Under Appliances, thin red microfiber duster
Credit: Williams Sonoma

2 How to Clean Under Appliances

Underneath your oven, refrigerator, and dishwashing machine, there's likely a thick layer of dust and crumbs hiding. To clean this hard-to-reach spot, invest in a thin microfiber duster that can slide underneath appliances. For a DIY fix, try wrapping a microfiber cloth around the end of a yardstick or broom and secure it with a rubber band. Slide the yardstick under the appliance to collect all of the dust. 

To buy: $14,

How to Clean Blinds, blue microfiber duster
Credit: Amazon

3 How to Clean Blinds

Cleaning venetian blinds used to be a tedious task, but after discovering this ingenious microfiber duster, it's cut my cleaning time in half. With three blades wrapped in microfiber cloth, this tool cleans multiple blinds in a single swipe. 

To buy: $8,

How to Clean around Toilet, white and orange duster
Credit: Amazon

4 How to Clean Around the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is no one's favorite chore, but cleaning around and behind the toilet is equally challenging. However, this difficult household task became infinitely easier when we found this tool designed for cleaning tiles. The angled scrubber is ideal for cleaning around the curved base of the toilet. 

To buy: $13,

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan, blue duster
Credit: Home Depot

5 How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

When it comes to cleaning a ceiling fan, the pillowcase dusting trick is a tried-and-true method—but it still requires a step stool or ladder. Even easier: order this curved duster that's shaped to slide over the blade of a standard ceiling fan, collecting dust and cobwebs. The long handle (sold separately) means you won't have to teeter on the top of a chair to complete this cleaning task. 

To buy: $8, (and $10 handle).