A site making the viral rounds promises to ship your enemies glitter. Fear not: We can help you clean it up.

By Real Simple
Updated January 13, 2015
Clean up glitter (and tiny pieces of construction paper) after craft time.
| Credit: James Wojick

Are you really, really mad at someone? Now you can get even—with sparkles. Shipyourenemiesglitter.com promises to, quite simply, ship your enemies glitter, all anonymously and for the low price of $9.99 (in Australian dollars, which converts to just over $8 in U.S. dollars). Apparently, people have a lot of nemeses out there, because the site seems to have crashed.

Why glitter? The creators of the site say it’s like “the herpes of the craft world,” Time.com reported. Once you have it, it’s basically impossible to get rid of. But not in a Real Simple world. We addressed the problem in our January issue and here’s exactly what to do if an enemy ships you a glitter bomb (or you just have an unfortunate spill):

Suck up glitter on hard floors with the vacuum's crevice attachment—or get out a lint roller, which works wonders on clothing and furniture, too, says Melissa Maker, the creator of the blog Clean My Space. Got glitter on the carpet? Loosen embedded sparkles with a rubber-gloved hand, then use the vacuum's upholstery brush, says Amanda Thomas, the host of the podcast Domestic CEO: Quick & Dirty Tips to Managing Your Home. As for that stubborn speckle stuck to your cheek? Wipe it off with coconut oil and a cotton ball.

Real Simple’s Home Director, Betsy Goldberg, adds: “When my kids spill art-project glitter on the floor, I use a dustbuster and then wipe the surface with a wet cloth at the end. It gets the bulk of it up but not every single bit, so you have to be okay with seeing a sparkle every so often.”