Shoppers Are Giving Their Dysons Away After Trying This Popular Cordless Vacuum — and It's on Sale

Pet owners are big fans of the stick vacuum.

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Hoover Onepwr Cordless Vacuum

It's finally time to cut the cord with your old upright vacuum—you know, the outdated cleaning gadget that forces you to plug into an outlet every time you go a little too far. With a cordless vacuum, you get the freedom of cleaning your entire home in one fell swoop, picking up everything from pet hair to tracked-in debris. If you're just not satisfied with your existing cleaning gadget, the Hoover Onepwr Evolve Pet Cordless Vacuum should definitely be on your radar.

Unlike other cordless vacuums that need to be charged on a large dock, this one has a removable battery that makes the process easy. The lithium-ion battery juices up on its own separate charging port that's small enough to stow away out of sight. And once you're ready to clean, just insert the battery back into the vacuum, hit power, and get going.

Hoover Onepwr Cordless Vacuum

To buy: $168 (was $210);

The cordless vacuum is extremely powerful thanks to its impressive suction that picks up crumbs on kitchen tile and loosens stuck-in-there dirt hidden in carpet fibers. It also uses a cyclone-style air flow and filter system that prevents hair and particles from getting tangled while cleaning. It's no wonder reviewers said the Hoover vacuum "exceeds expectations."

What makes the vacuum ideal for all kinds of flooring is its on/off brush roll feature that seamlessly moves from hardwood floors to rugs with the touch of a button. It can easily get to business on laminate, hardwood, or tile flooring—the brush roll has a tendency to push away lightweight debris like hair and dust bunnies, so when turned off, you'll get it all with less work. Then you can turn it back on when cleaning rugs and carpets for the full-suction effect.

Those who have pets know how stinky a vacuum can get after years of picking up your furry friend's hair and kibble. That's why pet lovers will also appreciate this Hoover vacuum's antimicrobial brush roll that filters in all the mess without holding onto odors. Because it wriggles up dog and cat messes from your surfaces, you'll be happy to know that the brush roll can be removed, making it easy to clean any pet hair stuck inside.

Although this mighty vacuum cleaner packs a punch, rest assured that it won't weigh nearly as much as you think. The "super light and powerful" vacuum clocks in at under 9 pounds, which is why shoppers can transport the device up the stairs or from room to room without straining. And when you're done cleaning the entire home, the last call of action is emptying the large, bagless dust bin that drops everything into the trash all at once.

The Hoover cordless vacuum is beloved by thousands of Amazon shoppers. In fact, the vacuum has earned more than 5,500 five-star ratings to date from people who use it daily.

A reviewer who despises their old pluggable vacuum said using the cordless Hoover Onepwr is "truly liberating" and confirmed that the device cleans "dog fur off the rug like a champ." One shopper who also has a dog said the vacuum "replaced an overpriced Dyson" while another said, "I gave away two Dysons to my son after I used this just once."

Clearly, you don't need to spend a fortune to have amazingly clean floors, especially if you have the Hoover Onepwr pet cordless vacuum. Shop it now while it's still 20 percent off on Amazon for a limited time.

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