Stock up now, and you'll be ready for all of the unexpected guests, kitchen cleanup, and inevitable red wine stains this holiday season will bring.
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White cleaning caddy with handle

The holidays are a messy time—and not just because you're trying to sidestep heated political debate and family drama at the dinner table. Hosting overnight guests, cooking a big meal, baking dozens of cookies, and drinking red wine on white sofas are all bound to create some degree of mess in your home. To keep your house as clean as possible during this busy time (without stressing too much about the inevitable untidiness), stock up now on these cleaning tools and supplies. The next time someone drops sweet potatoes on your living room rug or you bake macaroni and cheese onto your favorite pan, you'll be glad you invested in these holiday cleaning must-haves.

A Rubber Broom for Pet Fur and Pine Needles
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1 A Rubber Broom for Pet Fur and Pine Needles

If you're putting up a live Christmas tree this year, the endless battle against pine needles is about to commence. The solution: a broom with rubber bristles that makes it easy to sweep up each pesky needle. An added bonus: it's also excellent at collecting pet fur from the living room rug. 

To buy: $13,

Citrus pan scrapers
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2 Pan Scrapers for Burnt-On Messes

Whether you're making eggplant parm, your famous crispy cauliflower, or an apple crisp, baked-on messes are sure to happen at some point this holiday season. To spare yourself the elbow grease, invest in a set of pan scrapers that cut through the grime. But don't worry, they're made of nylon, so they won't scrape up your (supposedly) nonstick cookware. 

To buy: $6 for 3,

Holiday Cleaning Essentials, Red Wine Stain Remover
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3 A Solution for Red Wine Stains

Have enough drinks, and the red wine spills are inescapable. To make this common party blunder less stressful, order a bottle of specialized red wine stain remover now so you can keep it on hand.

To buy: $8 per bottle,

Specialized Stain Removers for Fat and Oil
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4 Specialized Stain Removers for Fat and Oil

If you really want a fighting chance against tough holiday stains, you'll need to pre-order specially formulated stain removers. Carbona makes one for almost every stain imaginable—from fat and oil, to chocolate and ketchup, to dairy. Think about the holiday menu you're planning to serve, then order accordingly.

To buy: $10 for 2,

Black & Decker Dustbuster
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5 A Handheld Vacuum for Quick Cleans

When guests are stopping by or you spot Christmas cookie crumbs on your counter, a handheld vacuum lets you clean up quickly. Invest in one before the holidays, and you'll be so relieved when you don't have to lug around a heavy vacuum every single day.

To buy: $35,

Scented cleaning vinegar
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6 Scented Cleaning Vinegar (for Cleaning Almost Everything)

Cleaning vinegar can be used to freshen up almost every surface in your home (except these five!), but we all know how harsh it can smell. To prevent your home from smelling right before guests arrive, opt for a cleaning vinegar with added fragrance. Use it to defog glassware and freshen up your linens.

To buy: $12,

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White metal cleaning caddy with handle
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7 A Convenient Cleaning Caddy

When you're rushing around trying to wipe down bathroom mirrors and clear off countertops, you'll be glad to have a caddy that can transport all of your supplies. To get started, stock it with microfiber cloths, multi-purpose cleaning spray, glass cleaner, and a scrub brush. 

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