5 Gross Yet Satisfying Cleaning Tasks Going Viral on TikTok

We see you, grout lines.

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The majority of the time, cleaning is either a chore you procrastinate about as long as possible, or part of your daily routine that you don't even think twice about. But on occasion, there are household tasks so grossly satisfying that the mundane act of cleaning is suddenly social media-worthy. When caught on camera, the dramatic before-and-afters propel these chores to TikTok stardom and Instagram fame. Don't take our word for it: Here are seven surprisingly satisfying cleaning tasks, plus the videos to prove it.

Scrub Grout Lines

We never suspected that grout cleaning would one day climb to TikTok fame, but 2.7 million views speak for themselves. The appeal here is the transformation. The TikToker covers dingy grout lines with store-bought toilet bowl cleaner, lets it sit five minutes, then scrubs with a toothbrush. The grout, which was brown five minutes earlier, is now bright white.

Does this really work? Many toilet bowl cleaners contain powerful chemicals, including bleach, which will quickly clean and brighten even the dingiest grout. However, because grout is porous, the chemicals may corrode the grout over time. Also, be careful if you have colorful tile, as the bleach may cause discoloration.

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De-Crumb a Keyboard

If you've been working from home during the pandemic, then you can probably relate to the next viral video: cleaning a grimy, crumb-laden computer keyboard. "My husband is a gamer," the TikToker explains in the text (although we probably could have guessed based on the amount of crumbs and dust collected on his keyboard!). As a surprise, she cleans the keyboard, even removing each key so it can soak in soapy water before using a wipe to clear away debris. A cotton swab and rubbing alcohol are used to disinfect before all of the keys are replaced.

For a satisfying quick-clean version, order some Cyber Putty, which traps the dirt and dust lurking between keys.

Deep-Clean Car Seats

Fair warning to all those who own cars with fabric upholstery: you won't be able to unsee this video. Your car seats and floor mats are probably hiding more dirt and stains than you'd ever believe.

Using the Bissell Little Green portable upholstery cleaner, which sprays water onto the fabric and then suctions it up, TikTokers are finding that the water comes out murky brown. A popular Instagram video shows similar results. Want to learn how gross your car seats (and floor mats) are? There's only one way to find out.

Pressure Wash Almost Anything

There are a plethora of popular TikTok videos showing everything from rugs to siding to driveways being pressure washed. Even driveways that look pretty clean start to stream with dirt when washed with this powerful tool.

Word of warning: pressure washing can be dangerous and cause serious injuries. Consider hiring a professional pressure-washing company—that way you can just watch the satisfying transformation from a safe distance.

De-Stink a Garbage Disposal

To freshen up a smelly garbage disposal, try this viral trick: remove the stopper and wash it with soapy water, then add some ice to the disposal along with a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Put the stopper in, then turn on the machine. The ice will sharpen the blades as the soap cleans.

For even more deodorizing power, follow with a lemon peel to impart a citrus scent.

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