The future of cleaning is now.
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We're lucky enough to be alive during a time when things like automatic dishwashers, powerful vacuums, and laundry machines are household commodities. We even have access to the high-tech versions of the above, including smart appliances equipped with WiFi and robotic vacuums that remove "sweep floors" from our daily to-do lists. Our ancestors who were accustomed to monotonous manual labor would be truly flabbergasted at the futuristic nature of it all. They'd also be impressed—and we argue you will be, too—with the six genius inventions below that make keeping your house clean even easier.

Phonesoap UV phone cleaner
Credit: Phonesoap

1 Phonesoap

Just because you can't see some of the grody stuff lurking in your home doesn't mean it's not there, threatening your immune system with a bad time. Not to freak you out, but researchers at The University of Arizona found that our cell phones carry about 10 times more bacteria than your standard toilet seat. Yikes! PhoneSoap stops gnarly bacteria in its tracks using a UV light. All you have to do is put your phone in the device and let it "bathe" in the UV light for about 10 minutes.

To buy: $80;

Ruggable rug in living room
Credit: Ruggable

2 Rubbable's Machine-Washable Rugs

Rugs are great, but the worst part about owning one is trying to keep it clean. Like carpet, rugs seem to attract and hold onto food crumbs, pet hair, dust, and dirt, and trying to get a stain out is no simple feat. Ruggable removed that greatest woe by making its rugs stain-resistant and machine washable. As in, you can take the whole thing and shove it into your washing machine and dryer, then put it back in its place good as new. The brand even just launched a shag version if you're craving more texture in your space.

To buy: $109 to $399; (find the pattern pictured here). 

Window-cleaning robot
Credit: Amazon

3 Window-Cleaning Robot

There's no need to be fearful of robots—especially the ones that tackle annoying chores like cleaning windows. The Hobot Window Cleaning Robot is especially handy for homes with tall, hard-to-clean windows, allowing you to completely circumvent the whole wobbly ladder fiasco. The robot adheres to the window and converts water into a super-fine, dense mist that nixes all traces of dust, debris, and dirt.

To buy: $449;

Kitty litter system
Credit: Amazon

4 Odor-Free Kitty Litter

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a single-story house, cleaning out the litter box is a dreadful chore. This is largely because it's super smelly and very involved; you've got to scoop, bag, and then take Fluffy's excrement all the way to the trash bin outdoors. The Litter Champ Odor-Free Cat Litter Trash Can makes keeping up with the litter box way easier (and less stinky) by allowing you to dump urine and feces in a triple-sealed bin that's kept right next to the litter box. When the four-gallon bin is full, remove the bag and throw it out. It's also more eco-friendly, because you won't have to refill the trash bags for about 10 weeks.

To buy: $23,

Blue hair catcher for shower drain
Credit: Amazon

5 The Drain-Saving TubShroom

A clogged drain is the worst, and it's usually the result of an amassment of hair, oil, product, dead skin cells, and dirt. Shudder. The TubShroom is a simple invention, really, but a genius product that every home can benefit from. It nestles into any standard drain to catch all the aforementioned gunk, and trust us when we say that cleaning it out is a disgustingly satisfying two-second chore. Best of all, it reduces the likelihood of having to use a plunger or recruit a plumber.

To buy: $13;

Mold & Mildew removing gel
Credit: Amazon

6 Easy-Clean Mold & Mildew Remover

What if we told you that the stubborn mold and mildew clinging to the edges around your sink and shower could be completely eliminated by simply smearing some goo on top, walking away, and coming back six hours later? That's exactly what this miracle of a product does. No scrubbing is required, either. Just rinse and wipe dry.

To buy: $13;