Stinky smells tend to waft from one room to another, especially if you have an open floor plan. 

By Tamara Kraus
Updated March 13, 2018
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It’s hard not to find a home with an open-floor plan these days. We love them because they make our homes feel bigger and bring people together even if everyone is in different rooms. What we don’t love about them? When stinky smells from one room waft into another. This means that your couch could soon smell like last night’s dinner. Luckily, we’ve scouted out solutions from cleaning experts to save you from the stress of it all.

The Problem: Smelly Water

The Fix: Believe it or not, the place where you go to clean up, is the place that needs some cleaning up. This surprising, smelly culprit can be easily fixed by installing a certified water softener, according to Lisa Yakas, a microbiologist and consumer products expert at NSF International. This will purify the water from harsh chemicals that are filling up your entire home (and nose).

The Problem: Stinky rotten food

The Fix: Store all your food the proper way, in the right place. (Yes, this one’s a given, but a reminder never hurts.) You also need to ensure that you know how long your food lasts. Check out this helpful guide for information on how long you can store food items until it’s time to toss them, as well as where various items should be store.

The Problem: Pet Odors

The Fix: We love our furry friends, but not the odors they bring into our homes. There’s nothing you’ll regret more than bringing in a wet dog or a litter box that wafts into the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner. If your pup shakes out his wet fur inside, make sure that you immediately mop up the mess so it doesn’t stay locked into the floor (a Swiffer Wet Jet should get the job done quickly). As for the litter box, make sure that you’re changing it at least twice a week. But if you need a quick fix to eliminate odors, try an air freshener like Mrs. Meyer’s Room Freshener or The Laundress Fabric Fresh to give the air or fabrics a scent boost.