Step aside, fly swatter, there’s a new fly-trapper in town.

By Tamara Kraus
October 03, 2018

Imagine this scenario: You’re hard at work and then all of a sudden, a fly starts zipping across your computer screen. For the next hour, you’re distracted, using a fly swatter to put that pest to rest, but naturally, it escapes. This is a common fly fail, but we’ve finally discovered a game-changing solution to the problem: Aunt Fannie’s Fly Punch Fruit Fly Trap. It finally takes care of flies without any work on your part, so you can sit back and watch the flies accumulate (more on that later).

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This natural solution, which is just $8 (, comes in a six-ounce container that you simply put out wherever the flies are lingering. The secret to its success? This non-toxic "bug juice," made with sulfate and vinegar, is irresistible to fruit flies and attracts them like a magnet. Plus, you can use it safely in the kitchen or near food, where fruit flies are often hanging out.

In our case, our editor-curated indoor garden caused the fruit fly problem — and there was no way we were getting rid of our beloved plants, so we had to deal with the pests. After our arms gave out from swatting, a couple of our editors discovered this simple solution and immediately saw its magic work. Because you can see how many fruit flies have collected in the bottom of the container, you can see it’s actually working (a little gross, but definitely satisfying). For best results and maximum potency, replace after two weeks.

We tested this ourselves, so we can tell you this stuff actually works. So long, pesky fruit flies!