And it looks like a work of art.

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A cordless handheld vacuum can be a blessing for small apartment dwellers who lack storage space (as well as anyone with pets or kids) because they can quickly and easily tackle everyday messes without monopolizing your hall closet when not in use.

Some popular models from brands like Dyson (like this one that usually goes for $200) often end up costing far more than traditional larger vacuum cleaners), but Eufy recently launched its first-ever cordless handheld vacuum and it's only $60.

The size of a wine bottle, Eufy's 1.2-pound HomeVac H11 is surprisingly mighty. It boasts 5,500 pascals of power to efficiently clean up small spills, daily dust, and hair buildup in tough-to-reach places. Plus, its ergonomic non-slip design makes it incredibly user-friendly.

For tight spaces and delicate surfaces, you can use the two-in-one attachment included with the vacuum. It features an extension nozzle that's ideal for cleaning places larger devices simply can't reach, like between sofa cushions, and a brush for tackling fragile items, like laptop keyboards. Along with this helpful add-on, the vacuum comes with a USB cable for convenient charging and a washable filter you can rinse out right in the sink as needed.

The vacuum is so sleek, you can store it right out in the open when you're done cleaning, too: Just cap the suction end and leave it standing upright on a shelf or counter if you're short on storage space. It's so modern-looking, no one will even realize it's a home appliance. One reviewer wrote, "This is a really powerful hand vacuum disguised as an elegant sculpture."

The vacuum has only been available for about a month, but it's already garnered plenty of positive reviews like this one on Amazon from users who say the product is easy to use, looks modern, and is highly portable.

Another shopper recommends using the vacuum for your car and office since it's so compact and easy to transport. "I actually keep the vacuum in my front seat when I travel. I'm a fanatic about keeping my car clean," the reviewer said. "You owe it to yourself to buy this vacuum for your car (or office)."

Take this Amazon shopper's advice and grab your own handheld cordless vacuum from Eufy today.

eufy HomeVac H11, Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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