The Surprisingly Strong Handheld Vacuum That Keeps My Whole Apartment Clean Is on Sale at Amazon

It’s the size of a wine bottle.

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Eufy handheld vacuum review

One of the most surprising things about being an adult is how excited I get about great vacuums. And since moving to my small NYC apartment a few months ago, I've been looking for a handheld vacuum that's easy to store. Recently, I found the Eufy Homevac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, and I'm shocked at how well it works for its size.

The Eufy handheld vacuum weighs just 1.2 pounds and is about the size of a wine bottle. It has 5,500 pascals of suction power, meaning it easily picks up the dust, dirt, and hair hiding in the corners of my home (and on my work-from-home desk) in one pass. Plus, it comes with a two-in-one attachment that has both a brush for cleaning fabric and a standard crevice tool. To use the vacuum, simply pull it out of its stand and press the power button on the front. And when it runs out of battery, charge it with the included USB cord.

Eufy handheld vacuum review

To buy: $50 with coupon (was $60);

Aside from its strong suction power, small size, and easy-to-use design, my favorite part of the vacuum is that it looks sleek enough to sit out in my home. It comes in two colors—black and white, both with metallic purple accents. As you can see in the photo below, I have the black one, and it stays on an end table in my apartment, so it's always ready to go when I need it.

Eufy handheld vacuum review
Eden Lichterman

I'm not the only one who is slightly obsessed with the Eufy cordless handheld vacuum; More than 1,200 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating.

"I love this little vacuum," one reviewer wrote. "It's exactly what I needed, and I use it way more than I thought I would! It's so handy to be able to clean up little messes without getting the big vacuum out. I have a lot of plants and tend to get dirt everywhere, so every day I'm reaching for this vac, and I rarely have to charge it. Super convenient! The size and the way it sits vertically is nice too, such a small footprint."

A second shopper added, "It is a great little vacuum for crumbs, lint around the dryer, any small mess in the house or car. Bought one for all of my family for Christmas."

Trust me, this little vacuum will make you excited about cleaning your home. Just be sure to grab the Eufy Homevac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon now while it's still going for $10 off.

Eufy handheld vacuum review

To buy: $50 with coupon (was $60);

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