Score Amazing Deals on Vacuums and Fans During Dyson’s Huge Sale

So you can finally get that top-of-the-line vacuum.

Dyson vacuum cleaners often make our list of top vacuums on the market, and when the company launched a revolutionary (not to mention, celebrity-endorsed) hair dryer last fall, Dyson proved it was a tech leader in more fields than one. If you’ve been eyeing a Dyson vacuum but haven’t brought yourself to make the investment, Dyson’s latest sale may convince you to splurge on that dream cleaner. From now until June 10th, the sale has many of the brand’s top vacuums listed up to $150 off and fans are up to $50 off. Check out Dyson’s sale page for the complete list of more than 25 discounted products, and shop some favorite picks below.


Dyson V7 Absolute

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This cordless vacuum leaves you free to clean from room to room without switching between power outlets. A large nylon-covered roller captures large debris (like toast crumbs or spilled kitty litter), while carbon fiber filaments pick up dust.

To buy: $450 (originally $550);


Dyson V6 Fluffy Pro Animal

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If you have tile or hardwood floors and a pet, this vacuum will change the way you clean. Designed specifically for hard floors, the soft roller sweeps up pet hair and dust. Once all of the fur is collected, one press of the button empties the bin for a hands-free, hygienic cleanup.

To buy: $370;


AM06 10-Inch Desk Fan

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When you consider how many hours you spend sitting at your desk each day, this small fan that lets you adjust the temperature and airflow of your workspace seems worth the splurge. This model is also 75 percent quieter than the previous AM01, so it won’t distract your coworkers.

To buy: $250;


AM10 Humidifier and Fan

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This high-tech humidifier disperses a fine mist throughout a 172-square-foot room. Set the automatic sleep timer before bed, or let it run throughout the night (the 18-hour run time will outlast even your longest nap).

To buy: $450;


Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

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If you want to clean not only all of the dirt you can see, but also all of the microscopic dust you didn’t even know was hiding in your home, this powerful cyclone is for you. Use the instant-release wand to reach the dust lurking on the top of your ceiling fan.

To buy: $299;


Dyson Ball Allergy

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If you typically sniffle your way through allergy season, commit to making your home an allergy-free oasis this year. The airtight design of this vacuum ensures that collected dust and allergens stay trapped in the bin, rather than get re-released into your home.

To buy: $280;