They can do a lot more than just reduce static in your laundry. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 12, 2018
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Bounce Dryer Sheets
Credit: Amazon

You probably have a box of dryer sheets stashed somewhere in your laundry room. While these little lotion-coated sheets work wonders by reducing static cling and softening clothes in the dryer, Real Simpleeditors know that they can do a lot more than that. You know how dryer sheets impart a fresh scent on a load of laundry? Well, they can work that same magic on other stinky areas of your home, too—especially if you pick these lavender-scented ones ($7; or this classic Bounce scent ($9; Over the years, Real Simple editors have discovered several ways to put an ordinary dryer sheet to work outside the laundry room, and now we're sharing them again in Real Simple Spring Cleaning ($14; In this special edition, you'll find many more clever cleaning hacks and time-saving tricks.

Clear Soap Scum, Fast

Want to beat soap scum in seconds? Dampen a dryer sheet, then use it to wipe down a wet shower door. Weeks worth of buildup will disappear instantly.

Degunk an Iron

Cleaning the surface of an iron can be a tricky task, but if you don't, it could end up ruining your clothes. The easy trick for cleaning an iron is to rub it over a dryer sheet while it's set on low. The residue will disappear, so you're ready to press your favorite white shirt without fear.

Deodorize Your Gym Bag (or Sneakers)

If you have a gym bag or a pair of shoes with a funky smell, placing a fresh dryer sheet inside will help. You can also use a sheet as a sachet in your lingerie drawer to keep that fresh laundry scent going for longer.

Dust Those Hard-to-Reach Spots

While Real Simple editors have found lots of surprising ways to use dryer sheets, our readers have also come up with a few of their own. One reader revealed that she uses the sheets to help clear dust from tricky spots. First, she attaches the sheet to a Swiffer Sweeper ($12; then runs it over the baseboards once a week. No only does it catch dust, but the coating on the sheets helps repel dust, so they stay cleaner for longer. Find more surprising cleaning tips shared by readers in Real Simple Spring Cleaning.