Send your college kid to campus with the essential cleaning products.

By Victoria Mechler
Updated July 12, 2013
Stephen Lewis

Chances are if your student isn’t studying, he’s probably not scrubbing either. For those rare occasions when cleaning is on the to-do list, stock your kid’s arsenal with the dorm essentials he’ll really use.

1. Disinfecting Wipes

When it comes to a battle over space, the spray bottle will never win. Wipes can pick up crumbs, clean up a sticky unidentified mess, and prevent bacteria from spreading. Students can, and probably will, use these wipes to clean up pretty much everything.

2. Sweeper-Mop

Having a long-handled sweeper that doubles as a mop is ideal for dorm living. Saving space is key, and these mops are light and easy to store. The dry sweeper pads can also be used as dusting cloths for cleaning bookshelves, lamps, and other surfaces.

3. Paper Towels

Not only can they be used as napkins, but they can tackle spills in no time. Having a roll or two around the room will be helpful.

4. Mini Vacuum

Larger vacuum cleaners are bulky and take up too much space in a small dorm room. (Plus, many dorm facilities make them available to students.) If your child has access to his or her own vacuum, there's a greater chance that the mess will get cleaned up (like ever).

5. Dish Soap

Doing the dishes is one step for man and a huge leap for any college student. A small bottle of dish soap can go a long way—like an entire year! A little bit of soap can wash cups, bowls, plates, and silverware. And for those desperate time, the soap can also used to hand wash clothes.

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