Choose between a 12-foot, 24-foot, or 30-foot extension pole. 

By Maya Gandara
June 24, 2020
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You may not always feel like wiping down the countertops and vacuuming the floors, but the effort involved in these chores is nothing compared to the hassle of cleaning pesky, out-of-reach surfaces in your home (like dusting your ceiling fan or sponging down windows). 

While those tasks require a ladder or step stool, one multipurpose tool can help you cut out that extra step. The DocaPole Cleaning Kit includes an extendable pole that lengthens to 30 feet high and four different cleaning attachments that make it a breeze to wipe down a variety of surfaces. 

Depending on the job at hand, you can choose between the window squeegee and washer, cobweb duster, microfiber feather duster, or microfiber ceiling fan duster attachment. The window scrubber is easy to rotate with just the click of a button, so you can reach dirt and grime in every corner. The feather duster—which can be used on its own or attached to the extension pole—collects dust while protecting book shelves, light fixtures, and window sills from scratches. Swap for the ceiling fan duster to wipe down tall places without causing dust to go flying, or use the dome-shaped cobweb duster to reach  small crevices.

DocaPole Cleaning Kit

To buy: From $65 (was $85);

The extension pole is available in three different sizes: a 12-foot, 24-foot, or 30-foot length, and each will grow even longer when paired with the included cleaning attachments. What’s more, the rubber handle grips ensure it’s easy to hold the tool safely when it’s at its highest point. 

The handy cleaning contraption has acquired a 4.6 rating from Amazon shoppers, who claim it’s “so much better than getting out a heavy ladder.”

“The DocaPole and the many attachments are amazing! It allows us to clean our two-story foyer, chandeliers, and palladium window,” wrote one shopper. “We used it outdoors, too, to clean some of our full length still-light windows. The extreme extension capabilities of the DocaPole make it a tool to meet the needs of any out-of-reach cleaning job!”

“I specifically bought this to clean the spider webs building up on the lanai screen covering the pool area,” wrote another. “We needed something sturdy and tall to get over the center of the pool area and to reach the cross beams. This was the perfect purchase!”

Shop the DocaPole in three different lengths on Amazon starting at $65.