7 Products That Make Dishwashing So Much Easier

So you can stop spending so much time scrubbing.

Lodge cast iron pan scrapers
Photo: Target

Even if you're lucky enough to own a dishwasher, there are still inevitably some pots, pans, knives, and delicate dishware you'll have to wash by hand from time to time. And all it takes is one baked-on, greasy mess for you to swear off dishwashing for the rest of your life. Want to skip the hours spent scrubbing? Invest in some powerful dishwashing products that do the hard work for you. These durable pan scrapers, grease-fighting dish soaps, and eco-friendly dishwashing brushes will quickly clean even the grimiest dishes.

Bottle Brush

Bottle brush
Kaufmann Mercantile

For all those narrow, hard-to-clean items—water bottles, champagne flutes, baby bottles—this slender brush will help. Plus, its soft bristles won't scratch delicate glass.

To buy: $15, kaufmann-mercantile.com.

Soap-Dispensing Dish Brush

Dish brush in stainless steel
Container Store

Soap-dispensing dish brushes often get a bad reputation for leaking, but OXO has solved that common problem with a secure, twist-on cap. The durable bristles will last through marathon dishwashing sessions, plus you can order brush replacements and clean them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

To buy: $14, containerstore.com.

Pan Scraper Set

Lodge Scraper Combo

This sturdy pan scraper duo is intended for cast iron, but it works on all types of pots and pans. Those cooked-on messes that you used to let soak in the sink for hours can now be cleaned with a quick five-minute soak and this game-changing dishwashing tool.

To buy: $3, target.com.

Super-Concentrated Scrub Bar

Dishwashing multi-purpose cleaning bar
PUR Home

Greasy dishes are no match for this multi-purpose cleaning bar made with non-toxic powder surfactants. It's ultra-concentrated, so even though it looks small, it will tackle many, many messy dishes. Choose from four scents (rosemary citrus is our pick) or opt for the unscented version.

To buy: $15, pur-home.com.

Natural Fiber Scrubber Brush

wood dish brush

Want to turn dishwashing into a luxurious, meditative act rather than a loathsome chore? (Yes, seriously!) Invest in this wood and natural-fiber scrubber brush set atop a wheel-thrown stoneware storage dish. This is one time when cleaning supplies would make an amazing housewarming present.

To buy: $48, food52.com.

Splash-Proof Dishwashing Gloves

Gray dishwashing gloves with cuffs
Container Store

Stop water from creeping up your sleeves when you're hand-washing dishes by investing in a set of splash-proof gloves. We'll admit: the deep cuffs are a dramatic look, but they're guaranteed to keep your hands (and sleeves) dry.

To buy: $9, containerstore.com.

The Tough Brush

Red and black grill pan scrubber brush
Le Creuset

Le Creuset designed this brush for scrubbing burnt-on food from grill pans, but reviewers reveal they use it on all of their cast iron cookware. Bonus: it's dishwasher-safe.

To buy: $20, lecreuset.com.

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