A dish soap shortage is upon us.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated October 23, 2019

This year has had its share of twists and turns—the Macy’s fur ban is still fresh on our minds—and now there’s another announcement to absorb: a dish soap shortage, just in time for us to start cooking and baking up a storm for the holidays. Last holiday season, an E. coli outbreak and food safety alert for romaine lettuce affected our Thanksgiving plans; this dish soap shortage may have even more repercussions.

As reported by Business Insider, Walmart stores began posting signs this week warning of a national supply shortage for dish soap. Twitter users from several different stores shared images of the signs, which say shortages will remain until December 1—after we’ve all had to clean up from those huge Thanksgiving feasts.

In a statement to Business Insider, Procter & Gamble—which makes Dawn and Gain dish soaps—acknowledges that some of its hand dish products may be harder to find, thanks to a brief period in which demand exceeded supply. Procter & Gamble’s statement calls the dish soap shortage a “short-term inconvenience” and says all sizes of dish soap should be available soon. (Whether that will be before December 1 remains to be seen.)

Without more information—such as whether other major retailers are suffering a dish soap shortage, or if other manufacturers had the same supply and demand issue—it’s difficult to be certain how much of an impact this so-called shortage could have. If you use an independent, niche brand of dish soap, you may be fine, but if you rely on Gain or Dawn, you may have a hard time finding a bottle in the next few weeks, especially if you shop at Walmart.

If you’re overly cautious, consider picking up an extra bottle on your next grocery run, and use what dish soap you do have conservatively. If you run out, there’s always bar soap—though chances are that the soapocalypse of 2019 will be over well before then.