I’m never tethering my vacuuming to an outlet again.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 20, 2019
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Cordless Stick Vacuum Review - Tineco Pure One S12 review
Credit: Courtesy of Tineco

When it comes to cleaning, I’m more of a traditionalist: I follow the guidelines for whether to dust or vacuum first and have yet to hop on the robot vacuum trend. Sure, I am a big fan of my smart home products, but my cleaning tools remained a trusty corded vacuum, microfiber cloths, and the like—until the Tineco Pure One S12 cordless stick vacuum arrived at my door.

Part of what I do every day is test new, inventive, and clever home and cleaning tools, and I expected this cordless vacuum to be another standard testing experience—until I put it to work on the rugs in my apartment. My roommates and I all have long hair and, living in the city, a lot of dust gets tracked into the house. I’m used to pulling the vacuum out every few days—okay, maybe every week or so if it’s a busy month—to keep the rugs clean, jumping from outlet to outlet while I stretched the cord as long as it would go. It was the way my mom vacuumed the house when I was little, and if it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me; why would I need a fancy vacuum when my corded one worked just fine?

With the Tineco Pure One S12, everything was different. I didn’t have to stop every few minutes to unplug and move to a different area and different outlet; I was able to reach under the couch and the coffee table without having to yank at the cord, and I didn’t have to step over the cord over and over again as I moved around. It was revelatory: How had I gone so long using only corded vacuums?

Any cordless stick vacuum can do that, though. What sets this new Tineco vacuum apart is how smart it is. A screen on the handle says exactly how much battery life is left, so I can’t be caught with a dead battery mid-cleaning spree. I live in an apartment, not a multi-story house, so I don’t have a ton of ground to cover, but a single charge lasts through several rounds of cleaning and can run for as long as 100 minutes. I can adjust the suction power with a simple finger swipe, and there’s an auto setting that lets the vacuum adjust automatically to whatever surface it’s on, with excellent results in my experience.

This cordless stick vacuum is lightweight, at just 3.5 pounds—certainly lighter than it looks, and light enough to maneuver easily with one hand whether I’m using it as a stick vacuum or as a handheld. It comes with a slew of useful vacuum attachments, so I can reach every corner of my apartment, and as far as vacuums go, it’s pretty quiet—the accompanying information from Tineco says it can be as quiet as 71 dBA, which is about as loud as a TV or radio.

And I haven’t even gotten to my favorite features. Number one is the stick attachment, which has an LED light at the end, so you can see exactly where you’re vacuuming and how dirty the floors are—and then how clean they are after you’ve gone over them. Next is the monitor’s dust sensor, which tells you how dusty the surface is; I’m sure there are many ways to use that information, but I used it to go over particularly dusty spots over and over again, until the sensor gives them a clean bill of … cleanliness? And the monitor can also tell you if the vacuum is having any issues, like a clogged filter or another malfunction; if something’s not working right, there’s no guessing at what it might be.

Sounds great, right? It really is—though this much cleaning excellence comes with a cost, literally. The Tineco Pure One S12 costs $599 (To buy: amazon.com); more affordable options are available, though, and they’re all sold through Amazon, so Prime Members can get speedy shipping.

I’ll be the first to admit that’s a lot to spend on a cordless stick vacuum—but for a game-changing cleaning tool, it could be worth it for the right person.